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Dharma Maste



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Artemis, the ancient Greek Goddess of the Moon and protector of mothers, pregnant women, and those giving birth, is often visualized with a bow because she also safeguards forests and wild animals. Her symbols are cedar and doe.

True Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) is dedicated to the Goddess Artemis.

True wormwood + Yarrow + Myrtle + Cedarwood

A feminine symbol of rebirth, mental strength, and protection. It joins forces with the robust Cedarwood. Cedarwood is a male symbol representing strength, resistance, and modesty, forming a powerful alliance. What the lion is to the animal world, the cedar is to the trees. They represent ancient communities and partnerships in the plant kingdom.

Promotes relaxation and attractiveness while addressing inflammation and infections, providing relief for various menstrual discomforts.

Balances thyroid and ovarian hormones, making it a valuable ally for women healthy. It symbolizes eternal love and is associated with Saint Mary.

These exquisite ingredients are combined with walnut seed oil to create holistic blend that supports your well-being. With Artemis ointment, you will discover an array of benefits that are bound to transform your life.


Artemis ointment has already been a source of relief for countless women in achieving hormonal balance within their bodies and  fostering harmonious thyroid function. Thanks to Artemis, women can now experience menstrual bleeding without pain and without the discomfort of abdominal cramps, resulting in beautifully regular monthly cycles.

Another remarkable aspect of Artemis ointment is its profound impact on fertility. Just a month of using Artemis can completely harmonize your hormones, allowing your uterus to rejuvenate and prepare for natural conception. Beyond menstrual regulation, abdominal massage also aids in digestive wellness, alleviating cramps, and bloating. Artemis extends its soothing effects not only to the uterus but also to the stomach and intestines.

Artemis also works wonders in eliminating cysts and fibroids in women. Artemis’s transformative qualities are not limited to women alone; even for men, Artemis proves to be a valuable ally against urinary tract inflammation, promoting comfortable urination, and positively influencing prostate health.

The exceptional properties of True Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) go beyond imagination. It increases passion and fertility, boasts antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, and anti-parasitic effects, inhibits tumor growth, fortifies the body’s natural defenses, and bolsters the immune system. True wormwood supports digestion and reduces spasms by enhancing the secretion of gastric and bile juices. It even aids in managing milder forms of epilepsy and promotes peaceful sleep. Its contribution to the normal and harmonious course of menstruation and menopause is undeniable. Furthermore, it effectively alleviates lower back pain and the discomfort of painful menstruation. In traditional Chinese medicine, dried true wormwood powder plays a pivotal role as the primary component of moxa, which is used as moxibustion. It is a renowned technique where acupuncture points are heated using an herb-filled roll. Aromatherapy: True Wormwood (Artemisia absinthium) has the remarkable ability to evoke emotions. Whether you are studying, seeking improved concentration, or battling fatigue and lethargy, this herb can be your faithful ally. It is also celebrated for its known aphrodisiac effects, adding to its allure.

 Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) is a versatile herb with a lot of benefits. It is not just about relaxation and enhanced attractiveness; it also excels in other areas. Yarrow effectively treats inflammation and infections of the urinary tract. It is a powerful ally against female inflammations and helps alleviate unpredictable or painful menstruation. Additionally, yarrow’s medicinal properties extend to relieving spasms of internal organs and aiding wound healing. It boasts detoxification and blood purification capabilities. When applied locally, it can staunch bleeding and promote wound closure thanks to the alkaloid achiline found in the herb. Yarrow is a digestive aid and offers relief from nausea and dizziness. Its overall calming influence on the nervous system can be a boon for managing migraines. With disinfectant properties, it not only supports your well-being but also alleviates the unpleasant symptoms of menopause. Furthermore, yarrow has a beneficial effect kidney and liver activity. This herb is a holistic solution for your health and vitality.
Aromatherapy:Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) boasts a sweet herbal to slightly scent with a subtle hint of camphor. This fragrant aroma lends emotional support, particularly during times of fear. It gently calms the mind before sleep and enhances intuition and insight.

 Myrtle (Myrtus communis) balances thyroid and ovarian hormones. It is particularly effective in addressing the function of hypothyroidism. Myrtle also showcases disinfectant, antiseptic, and bactericidal properties, making it a potent remedy for various conditions. It offers relief from inflammation of the lower urinary tract and is beneficial for those dealing with prostate problems.
Aromatherapy: Myrtle (Myrtus communis) is an invigorating choice. Its aroma is a delightful blend of spice, exotic notes, with a subtle touch of camphor and eucalyptus. It will leave you feeling refreshed and revitalized.

 Cedarwood (Cedrus deodara), derived from the Arabic word “Kedron”, meaning strength, lives up to its name. This botanical gem is known for its antibacterial properties and its role as lymphatic stimulant. It is a versatile solution, commonly utilized for urinary tract infections, aiding in the breakdown of accumulated fat, and effectively addressing abdominal cramps.
Aromatherapy: Cedarwood (Cedrus deodara) has a woody balsamic scent that not only stimulates the senses but also strengthens one’s resolve. In the moment of crisis, it provides a fortifying presence and helps manage tense emotions.

Collapsible content


  • wormwood ~ artemisia absinthium
  • yarrow ~ achillea millefolium
  • myrtle ~ myrtus communis
  • cedarwood ~ cedrus deodara
  • walnut oil ~ juglans regia
  • beeswax ~ cera alba

How to use

Experience the extraordinary benefits of Artemis for both daily and nighttime skincare on your face and entire body. Simply apply to clean skin and with gently circular movements, massage it into your abdomen, lower abdomen, or any other desired areas.

The beauty of Artemis is that you do not need to commit to long-term use. After a month of regular application, we recommend a two-week break, giving you the flexibility to resume using Artemis as needed. If you are actively trying to conceive, we advise discontinuing the ointment entirely after a month of treatment which significantly increases your chances of

Please refrain from using Artemis after conception, during pregnancy, or while breastfeeding.

Additionally, it is important to note that Artemis should not be used for at least one year after the birth of your baby. Your well-being and safety are our top priorities.

Whats in the box

  • Homemade Ointment by Natali David
  • Handcrafted cap
  • 40ml glass jar

Customer feedback about Artemis

 Artemis ointment is incredible; I use it every day
before bed. I gently apply it to my stomach, and not only has it improved my
digestion, but it has also helped regulate my menstrual cycles. My boyfriend
and I have been trying to start a family, but unfortunately, we have not been
successful. That is why I became interested in your ointment


“Artemis ointment is truly magical! My periods are
finally regular and painless!”


“We are immensely grateful for Artemis . We have wonderful news to share - we are expecting a
baby! After many years of trying, we successfully conceived thanks to the monthly
treatment with Artemis. It not only balanced my hormones but also miraculously
prepared my uterus for conception.”


“When my period refused to start, I turned to Natálka
for Artemis ointment. Remarkably, the very next day, my period began. This
ointment is a potent, fragrant, and powerful healing remedy. Thank you!”